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SOL Moringa Brand Story

Founded in 2014, SOL is an Integrative Wellness Centre with extensive clientele, ranging from Malaysia to Singapore, Middle East, Canada and more. It operates on guiding one towards a healthier and more wholesome living by incorporating the best of complimentary procedures and alternative, drug-free treatments and methods of healing, and delivering it through the integration of holistic philosophies and advanced technologies.

Mr. Tony Wong, the Managing Director of Spectrum Of Life Integrative Wellness Centre, who had spent years venturing into the alternative and complementary medicine industry, started to explore Moringa Oleifera when he realized that not only natural alternative treatments are effective in fighting ill conditions and to prevent diseases, so do strong anti-oxidant supplements.

For the uninitiated, Moringa has been compared to some of the greatest superfoods - including kale, spinach and matcha - and has come out on top to earn the “superhero of superfood” nickname. With the wonders of Moringa being widely touted in Europe and the United States, SOL wants Malaysians to experience and enjoy this “Miracle Tree” themselves by making it accessible.

Products Backed by Research and Science

At SOL, we believe that Moringa can be more than just a product. By dedicating ourselves in learning about this superfood; researching cures and treatments using Moringa; developing and formulating the best intake; as well as planting and perfecting the agricultural process, we empower ourselves to create nature-inspired solutions to help people all over the world to live a better and healthier lives.

We Take Pride In What We Produce

We have always held our process and products to world-class standards. In order to consistently deliver the highest quality products to our consumer, we establish our own large-scale plantation to ensure the quality by managing and safeguarding the purity and authenticity of Moringa ─ from the seed plantation stage, to the time it is packaged and delivered to your doorstep. Through valiant efforts and in-depth researches, SOL is devoted in providing all that Moringa has to offer.

As such, it only produces organic Moringa leaves and is in the process of getting the necessary international certification. Furthermore, SOL constantly collaborates with universities and doctors for consultations, feedback and ways to best preserve the miracles of Moringa. And all these are being done so that you can indulge, reap and incorporate the benefits of Moringa into your health.