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Facts On Moringa

Did you know that Moringa Tree is also known as the Drumstick Tree? This is due to the shape of its fruits. With a long and slender pod, it highly resembles a drumstick; hence the name. You can also consume its young pods as a form of vegetable snacks.
Moringa is tougher than you think. So much so that it’s been dubbed the “Never Die Tree” in parts of Africa. No matter how tough the environment and soil are, it continues to strive against all odds.
It has travelled the world! From its humble origin in southern Asia and northern Africa, Moringa has now expanded globally. Though it is growing across the world, it flourishes in warmer climates such as Central America, South America, and Hawaii.
Purify water with Moringa. The antimicrobial and coagulant properties in the seeds kill bacteria while its binding feature clumps impurities together. These qualities makes Moringa a cheap and effective water purificator.
A great biofuel alternative is Moringa. Since it grows on marginal land, it requires few maintenances, fertiliser or pest control – making it inexpensive and environmental friendly.